The Ponytail Girls

by Bonnie Compton Hanson

Published by Legacy Press


#1:  Meet The

Ponytail Girls

#2:  The Impossible Christmas Present

#3:  Lost On

Monster Mountain

#4:  A Stormy


#5:  Escape From

Camp Porcupine

#6:  What's Up

With Her?

#7:  A Roller Coaster Year

This exciting new series for 8-12-year-old girls is full of fun characters, exciting action, and great family values.  These novels also include related Bible stories and activities for each chapter—such as puzzles, games, artwork, or recipes. Even tips for babysitting, and how to ask Jesus to be your Savior.

The PTs (Ponytail Girls) love school, church, shopping, friends, and family.  They all go to Madison Middle School in Circleville, and attend Miss Kotter’s Sunday School Class at Faith Church.  Sunday nights they get together with their special Zone 56 youth group.  Something else they all have in common: ponytails! (Just like many girls this age.) That’s why every PT book comes features a colorful "scrunchie" attached to remove, wear and enjoy—while you join the PTs on their great adventures. You can even create a PT club with your own friends, and get together to read and discuss the books.

There are presently seven books in this series, published by Legacy Press. These books are available through,, and your local Christian bookstore. You can check out a summary of each of these books by clicking on the picture above the book above.  Happy reading!

Just for Girls

Want to talk about the PT books, or about starting a PT club?  Or is there something sad or something happy in your own life you’d like to talk about? You’re invited to write author Bonnie Compton Hanson at and she’ll share your letter if you wish.

By Bonnie Compton Hanson  (Contact Bonnie)


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