"The Ponytail Girls" Books

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With each new PT book, we meet a new girl to join the PTs. But how can they be friends with Angie?  Her mother is quite sick, and her father is stationed overseas in the Army. She loves to draw and loves to help people, but she is so sad.  Then the PTs learn about a city-wide talent contest  for tweens and teens. Immediately, everyone decides what they want to do.  Surely with all their talent, one of them will win! Then a bad rainstorm floods out the migrant workers’ apartments on the farm right outside town.  All the PTs and their friends make sure everyone is taken care of, including little Lilia and her rooster Cocky, who loves to perform. So they decide to join the Madison country band for the talent contest—featuring Cocky!  Unfortunately, they don’t win. But fortunately, just then Angie gets a call that changes her life!

#6:  What's Up With Her?

By Bonnie Compton Hanson  (Contact Bonnie)

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